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Photographer Julia M. Free, Born in 1991 in Alkmaar, North-Holland and graduated from Sint-Lukas LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium. At the age of nineteen she exhibited with her first work of the international Jazz scene in Amsterdam. She portrayed the impact of the Olympic Games on London for Belgian Journalism medium Apache and worked for political institutions such as the European Commission and the Flemish Parliament. Currently she works for Belgian International Photo Agency Reporters.



2018 'Grensgevallen' Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles Arles, France

2016 Permanent exhibition in the Berlaymont building, the headquarters of the European Commission Brussels, Belgium

2016 Conception Photography Show 'Grensgevallen' New York City, USA

2015 'Grensgevallen' Mister Bean Leuven, Belgium

2013 Nacht van de Journalistiek / Night of Journalism 'London 2012 Olympics'  The Egg Brussels, Belgium

2012 BHART#1 Contemporary Arts Festival 'Amsterdam Jazz portraits' Antwerp, Belgium

2011 NEL Amstelveld 'Amsterdam Jazz portraits' Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2015 September - MO Magazine 'Grensgevallen' Belgium
2012 October - Entitle Photography Magazine 'Amsterdam Jazz portraits' United Kingdom
2012 July - Apache Newslab 'London 2012 Olympics' Belgium
2012 March - Knack Focus Magazine 'Toine Thys captured by Julia M. Free'


Art Magazine Kunstkrant, The Netherlands. 'Grensgevallen'
"Pure photography in exhibition 'Grensgevallen'. This series offers a wide variety of images and remains infectious to watch. It is photography at its most fresh and pure form. The photos last, not only as a series, but also individually."

De Singel International Art Campus, Antwerp Belgium. 'Amsterdam Jazz portraits'
"Photos that summarize there fined ambience of jazz concerts, mastered in black and white. Lots of potential, ambition and courage."

Jan Jasper Tamboer, culture-critic. Parool Daily Newspaper, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
"She comes, she sees. Photographer Julia M. Free needs little chances to isolate exactly the imagethat she has in mind. From a creative vision to

realizing her ideas in a very personal way. Julia has guts anddiffers from the usual. For example, showed at the Belgian journalistic medium Apache.be, for which they made a run from her own perspective on the impact of the Olympic Games on London.The series of portraits of jazz musicians is remarkable. Julia is currently working on an oeuvre in the demanding surroundings of the European Commission in Brussels."


Reporters International Photo Agency

European Commission

Flemish Parliament

Flemish Government

Shimera Studio

Knack Magazine

Knack Focus Magazine

Verrekijkers Magazine

Apache Newslab

De Singel International Art-Campus

Jazzenzo Magazine

8Weekly Magazine


Azsul (BE) singer.

Sidoine (FR) singer, componist.

Alex Simu / Arifa. (RO) clarinetist, saxophonist, componist.

Toine Thys / DERvIS. (BE) saxophonist, componist.

Wolfert Brederode / Quartret. (NL) pianist, componist.

Yonga Sun (DU) drummer.

Yuri Honing / Trio and Acoustic Quartet. (NL) saxophonist, componist.

Franz von Chossy / Quintet. (DU) pianist, componist.

Gaby Moreno (GT) singer, componist.

Michael Magalon (BE) bassist, guitarist, componist.

Tineke Schoemaker / Barrelhouse (NL) singer, componist.

James Carter (USA) saxophonist, componist.