b. 1991, The Netherlands

Based in Berlin - Bruxelles

Broadcasting for Ruptly TV

Israel: UAE and Israel sign 'Abraham Accord' accompanied by US officials 

Saudi Arabia: Hajj pilgrims take part in 'Stoning of the Devil' ceremony

Germany: US Army and allies hold 'Saber Junction 20' drills at Hohenfels training ground

USA: Michelle Obama says Trump 'in over his head' at Democratic convention

Mediterranean Sea: Banksy's migrant search-and-rescue ship saves over 200 migrants

India: Shia worshippers mark Ashura with bloody commemoration in Hyderabad

Hong Kong: Scuffles and arrests during protest on 1st day under new security law

Israel: Ministry of Defence launches new spy satellite

Hong Kong: Lawmakers debate overseas implications of national security law

Belgium: EU to prepare 'appropriate' measures against Turkey - foreign policy chief Borrell

UAE: Dubai braces for launch of first Arab Emirates Mars mission

Libya: GNA fighters advance closer to Sirte

Belgium: 'Europe is united' - EU reach deal on EU recovery fund

Mural depicting George Floyd unveiled on West Bank 'Apartheid Wall'

Afghanistan: MSF withdraws from Kabul hospital following deadly maternity ward attack

Peru: Families find solace in muralist's portraits of COVID victims



Grensgevallen Les Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles Arles FR, 2018

Julia M. Free Permanent exhibition in the Berlaymont building, the headquarters of the European Commission Brussels BE, 2016

Grensgevallen Conception Photography Show New York US, 2016

Grensgevallen Mister Bean Leuven BE, 2015

London 2012 Olympics Nacht van de Journalistiek The Egg Brussels BE, 2013

Amsterdam Jazz portraits BHART#1 Contemporary Arts Festival Antwerp BE, 2012

Amsterdam Jazz portraits NEL Amstelveld Amsterdam NL, 2011


Grensgevallen MO Magazine BE, 2015
Amsterdam Jazz portraits Entitle Photography Magazine UK, 2012
London 2012 Olympics Apache Newslab BE, 2012
Toine Thys captured by Julia M. Free Knack Focus Magazine
BE, 2012


Grensgevallen Art Magazine Kunstkrant NL
"Pure photography in exhibition 'Grensgevallen'. This series offers a wide variety of images and remains infectious to watch. It is photography at its most fresh and pure form. The photos last, not only as a series but also individually."

Amsterdam Jazz portraits De Singel International Art Campus BE
"Photos that summarize there fined ambience of jazz concerts, mastered in black and white. Lots of potential, ambition, and courage."

Jan Jasper Tamboer, culture-critic. Parool Daily Newspaper NL
"She comes, she sees. Photographer Julia M. Free needs little chances to isolate exactly the image that she has in mind. From a creative vision to

realizing her ideas in a very personal way. Julia has guts and differs from the usual. For example, showed at the Belgian journalistic medium Apache.be, for which they made a run from her own perspective on the impact of the Olympic Games on London. The series of portraits of jazz musicians is remarkable. Julia is currently working on an oeuvre in the demanding surroundings of the European Commission in Brussels."


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